Can you make customized product ?

Yes, we can custom make products with your requested specification, material, color, printing, etc. details.

What is your MOQ?

  • For customized products, the MOQ depends on the capacity and detailed customized demands. 

  • Normal MOQ is 500KG per specification or per SKU.

  • For stock products, the MOQ is 1 pc.

Can you print my logo or brand on material?

Yes, we can. Please share your printing design with us. Then we can calculate the cost for your review. 

Upon receipt of your deposits payment, our technician will make artwork for your confirmation again before making samples.

How long is the lead time?

  • For stock products, the lead time is about 7 working days. 

  • For a customized product, the lead time is about 15-20days, precise one is up to detailed product and quantity.

What format of printing design artwork is needed for production ?

AI(Adobe Illustrator), PSD, and CDR are workable. AI(Adobe Illustrator) format would be better.

What type of printing technology do you use for production?

  • Silk-screen printing, used for the stock products in small quantities; 

  • Flexo printing, is used for the paper products such as greaseproof paper sheets or paper bags; 

  • Gravure printing, is used for laminated film rolls or laminated bags.

Do you have any stock product ready for retail?

Yes, in addition to customized products, we also have some stock products ready for customers’ urgent demands. Feel free to contact us for more details if interested! We will send our products’ pictures and size lists for your review.

Whether can I get some samples for quality verification before formal order?

Yes, if needed, our existing sample is available for you to check the quality first (such as thickness and material)

Our existing sample is free for you. please send us your company name Address and postcode Contact person, phone number, and your Courier account. ( like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. International Express Account number)

Feel free to contact us if your esteemed company does not have any courier account yet. We are here to help you with this.

What is shrink film used for?

Shrinkwrap (also referred to as shrink film or shrink wrap) is a versatile polymer material used for the packaging of finished goods. Heat is applied to the film – by either a conveyor heat tunnel or an electric or gas heat gun – which catalyzes the film to shrink tightly around the item placed within.

What is the difference between pre-stretch wrap film and stretch wrap film?

The wrap-around film is widely used. Besides playing a great role in the industry, it can also be used as a plastic film in agriculture. High performance, versatile and low cost. So what is the difference between the advantages of pre-stretch wrap film and stretch wrap film?

What are the advantages of stretch wrap film packaging

Stretch wrap film is widely used in the packaging of goods pallets, such as electronics, construction materials, chemicals, metal products, auto parts, wires and cables, daily necessities, food, paper, and other industries. With the same weight, the actual packaging area of ultra-thin film wrap film is about 3 times larger than the traditional film in the market. Compared with traditional perspex, the savings are quite substantial. Moreover, our green wrap is a high-strength pre-stretched section bonded wrap film, which is quite easy to use and saves money. The outer surface layer of the package is not easy to stick to dust and is clean and hygienic.

How wrapping film wraps pallets

  Wrapping film is wrapped around the pallet to wrap the object on the pallet all around, and then two heat grippers heat seal the film together at both ends. This is the oldest form of use, so more forms of packaging have been developed in the form of narrow border packaging. This type of packaging is wide enough to wrap the film to cover the pallet and requires the pallet to be regular in shape, so there are requirements for its use. Then the process of packaging objects can be divided into two types manual packaging and pallet mechanical packaging.

What is the difference between stretch wrap film and shrink film

Stretch wrap film has the characteristics of good pulling performance, tear resistance, strong resistance to penetration, high transparency, good self-adhesiveness and large shrinkage rate, inseparable packaging, not easy to lose, etc.

How to seal the heat shrink bags

A shrinking machine costs more than 100,000 per unit, it can shrink the above materials. Packaging machine 3 ~ 50,000 per unit, they shrink a single material. PVC or pof or pe, etc.

What to do Heat shrink film packaging machine shrinkage is not flat

Uneven shrinkage will be manifested as the same piece of production shrinkage effect is mixed, causing this situation there are many factors affecting the temperature, conveying speed, wind will affect the shrinkage effect, in the absence of adjustment to the appropriate product shrinkage environment, the shrinkage effect is difficult to good. Therefore, we need to solve the layout of the heating tube; improve the effective air volume, and have the ability to adjust the wind speed; to adjust the wind direction; to solve the impact of the wind source on the film heat shrinkage process.

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Jenny He

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