We are a professional import and export foreign trade company are mainly responsible for European and American customers' orders, receipt of goods, loading one-stop service.


Our products are based on daily necessities and have been extended to all aspects of life. We can mainly provide foreign customers with agents to order promotional gifts, textiles, Christmas gifts, hardware, and other kinds of products. We have a good long-term relationship with many factories and can provide customers with high quality and low price products, and also can customize products according to customer needs.


We have a complete import and export service system: procurement, order processing, commodity inspection, warehouse booking, transportation, customs clearance, and import and export agency, etc.

Sourcing and contracting.

We will help you find the right suppliers and factories, which will facilitate the search for quality products and competitive prices, and make a more suitable procurement plan for you according to your needs.


Speed Efficiency and Customs Clearance.

Customs clearance and inspection enjoy a one-stop green channel, fast commodity inspection, and inspection, for your goods departure and arrival we will reduce unnecessary factors. Immediately after receiving the goods, we will send them to the destination as soon as possible with the freight we agreed on in advance (by plane or ship).


Assistance in customs clearance.

When you choose a good supplier or factory, ready to purchase shipments, you can still choose us, we provide the receipt of U.S. dollars account as well as to assist you to quickly and easily clear the goods and delivered to you.


Receiving and Quality Inspection.

We will receive the goods in our own warehouse and check the quality and quantity of your purchase.


Loading and transportation.

We can ship out loaded containers or bulk shipments. If immediate replenishment is required, we guarantee the fastest possible dispatch, customize the best logistics, provide logistics cost inquiries, and enjoy in-house cooperative rates.



Your personal assistant in China.

We make every effort to help you solve all your problems and difficulties, and all our colleagues will give you a prompt reply when you need help, including outside working hours in China, and will also get in touch with you in the shortest possible time, and please forgive us for not doing enough.

Jenny He

+86 13451782877



Jenny He

+86 13451782877