How to choose pe stretch wrap film

1. Tensile strength

  Tensile strength includes elongation and tensile force, it refers to the maximum stretch that can be applied under certain conditions of use to maintain various necessary characteristics, tensile strength varies from application to application, the greater the stretch, the less the film usage, the lower the packaging cost.

  2. pe stretch film self-adhesive

  Stretch film and film contact will produce adhesion and can make the packaged products in the stretching process firmly not loose, self-adhesive force will be affected by many external variables.

  3. Stretch force of pe stretch film

  Stretching force is the stretching force of stretch film after being stretched into elastic stretching, longitudinal stretching increases, and finally, HJT stretch film becomes thinner and shorter in width, this feature makes our stretch film can better protect and package products.

  4. Stretch film retraction stress

  Retraction stress, also known as force retention force, refers to the degree of retention of the force exerted on the stretch film during the stretching process.

  5. Toughness of stretch film

  Toughness refers to the combined ability of stretch film to resist punctures and tears. Tear resistance only refers to the degree of resistance to tearing when the film is pulled and punctured.

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Jenny He

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