Which industries are L-shaped automatic sealing and cutting machines used in

It adopts a fully automatic unmanned operation process, which is widely used in mass production and packaging flow operations. It has high work efficiency, automatic film feeding and punching, automatic film sealing and cutting, and automatic winding of waste materials; only manual adjustment of the film guide system and manual adjustment of the feed The material conveying platform is suitable for products of different widths and heights. It can be used in conjunction with automated packaging lines.

What are the series of winding machines

Winding machine is widely used in foreign trade export, food and beverage, glass and ceramics, electromechanical castings, and other products of the collection cost, but also to prevent damage to the goods in the handling process, and play dust, moisture and cleaning role.

What factors can affect the performance of heat shrink film

There are three major factors that affect the performance of heat shrink film 1. heating temperature 2. heating time 3. pressure control

What is the function of heat shrink film?

 Its role is to stabilize, cover, and protect the product, and it will shrink when it encounters heat, so the film that is tightly wrapped around the product is called heat shrink film. The heat shrink film used in industry for large equipment, such as mechanical devices, engineering machinery, mining machinery, and wind power equipment (wind turbines, wind blades, etc.), is commonly PE heat shrink film.

Among them, for heavy machinery equipment or devices, in addition to the need for transportation of waterproof, anti-cuts, and other protective effects, for long-distance transport or export shipping, but also need to add a certain anti-rust function, that is, anti-rust heat shrink film.

How to choose pe stretch wrap film

 Tensile strength includes elongation and tensile force, it refers to the maximum stretch that can be applied under certain conditions of use to maintain various necessary characteristics, tensile strength varies from application to application, the greater the stretch, the less the film usage, the lower the packaging cost.

What is features and applications of stretch film ?

 PE stretch film is mainly blown film, developed from single-layer to two-layer and three-layer. At present, LLDPE stretch film is mainly produced by the flow casting method because the production of flow casting lines has the advantages of uniform thickness and high transparency, which is suitable for high pre-stretch requirements. A good stretch film has high transparency, high longitudinal elongation, high yield point, high transverse tear strength, and good puncture performance. In addition, the material density of stretch film also affects the performance of the film, with the increase of density high orientation, good flatness, high longitudinal elongation, and high yield strength, but transverse tear strength, puncture strength, and light transmission rate decreases, so a combination of all aspects of performance in the non-bonded layer to form a medium density linear polyethylene

What is a shrink oven?

  A shrinkage oven is a kind of shrinkage oven with hot air circulation, used for the outer layer heat shrinkage packaging applicable to bowls, buckets of instant noodles, cups of fruit milk, cups of milk tea, hanging noodles, bun slices, sterilized (disposable) tableware, toothpaste, cosmetics, mosquito coils, batteries, etc.

What is heat shrink packaging machine

       Heat shrink packaging is currently the more advanced packaging method in the market. It is the use of shrink film wrapped in the product or packaging outside, in the heating, so that the packaging material shrinkage and wrap the product or packaging, so as to fully display the exhibition of goods, thereby increasing the beauty and value of the sense.


What kind of film is used in daily life

POF heat shrink film technology is currently the most environmentally safe and popular packaging technology, heat shrink film technology has undergone more than a century of change and development, technology is becoming more and more mature, and continue to meet the development trend of the times. Therefore, it is important to improve production technology, reduce environmental pollution, and give comprehensive consideration to the quality and energy efficiency of products. In addition, to shrink film packaging, more and more manufacturers are now paying more attention to highlighting the theme of the product as well as taking the road of low carbon and environmental protection.

POF heat shrinkable roll film can be on automatic packaging machine

POF heat shrink film used on the automatic packaging machine, many products can be shrink-wrapped through the automatic packaging machine, after repeated debugging of professionals, observe the effect to shrink-wrap products. POF surface gloss, good toughness, tear strength, uniform heat shrinkage, and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging and other characteristics, is the traditional PVC heat shrink film replacement product. Environmental health POF is non-toxic and does not produce a toxic odor during processing, in line with the U.S. FDA and USDA standards. 

How to inspect the quality of stretch film

Wrapping film is becoming more and more widely used in product packaging, and the sales of wrap film are increasing, but most buyers don't understand what kind of packaging is better. Is there any way to know the quality of wrap film when buying? The following details how to judge the good and bad of stretch wrap film.

What kind of POF shrink film used to pack the boxes

POF means heat shrinkable film. POF stands for multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin heat-shrinkable film. It uses linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer and co-polypropylene as the inner and outer layers. It is plasticized and extruded by three extruders. , And then processed by special processes such as die forming and bubble inflation. It is a new type of environmentally friendly shrink film that is most widely used in the world and is developing rapidly. 

What thickness shrink packaging is suitable for my product

Our company provides 0.015mm / 0.019mm / 0.025mm, POF shrinkable film/ shrink bag. Among them:0.015mm or 0.02mm - Suitable for conventional packagings, such as books, food and beverage, medicine, health care products, wine, toys, crafts, clothing textiles, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, and other outer packaging, the thickness depends on the degree of protection required 0.025mm - Suitable for packaging that needs special protection, such as furniture, etc

Characteristic Of POF shrink film

1, High transparency, good gloss, can clearly show the product appearance, improve the sense of consciousness, reflect the high-grade.

2. Large shrinkage rate, up to 75%, good flexibility, can be used for packaging of any shape of goods, and the shrinkage force of the three-layer co-extruded film processed by the special process is controllable, to meet the requirements of the contraction force of different goods packaging.

3, good welding sealing performance, high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

Production process and performance requirements of POF shrink film

POF shrink film is a three-layer co-extruded film. The two surface layers are polypropylene and the core layer is polyethylene. The typical layer thickness ratio is 15:70:15. The production process is rough as follows.

Three surface treatment methods for heat shrinkable film packaging

Heat shrinkable film is a relatively advanced packaging method. Heat shrinkable film packaging is widely used in food, ceramic products, tea sets, mechanical parts and other industries. Products packaged with heat shrinkable film can fully highlight the appearance and improve product quality. Display, beauty, and sense of value, while the heat-shrinkable film packaging also has the characteristics of sealing, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof.

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